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Our warehousing facilities in El Salvador offer the world’s best standards for specialized warehousing services in diverse areas with safe, orderly environments and with special attention to cleanliness.

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4 Types of storage at your service

We currently have special facilities for 4 large warehouse areas:
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Sistema de manejo de inventario en Blue Logistics El Salvador

Our warehousing facilities have an Inventory Management System (WMS) which works by means of Radiofrequency (wireless) and barcode readers; this allows to have the traceability of the operations in real time for the administration of your inventory; all of them are connected through a fiber optic communication system with our central system from which it allows to interact with FTP applications, HTTPS, Online Service to place orders, visualization of inventories, operations history, etc.

1 - Storage of Chemical Products

This facility is equipped to handle uncontrolled chemicals with the following hazard classification:

We are authorized by the Ministry of Environment of El Salvador and the Customs of El Salvador; counting on the customs regimes of Temporary Admission (Fiscal Warehouse) and storage of national or nationalized product.

Since Blue Logistics belongs to the same business group that owns the Industrial Services Park in which we operate (Export Salva Free Zone) we have the competitive advantage of space flexibility to react quickly to the changing space needs of our customers.

2 - Storage of Pharmaceutical Products

We specialize in the storage and handling of pharmaceutical products following strict industry protocols.
Our special facilities are kept under controlled temperature between 20 and 25 degrees Celsius. In the same building there is also a cold chamber for handling the most delicate medicinal product that requires temperatures between 2 and 8 degrees Celsius.


We are authorized by the Superior Council of Public Health of El Salvador, and the Customs of El Salvador.

3 - Storage of Consumer Goods

It is intended for the storage and handling of consumer goods such as: textiles, shoes, furniture, electrical appliances, electronic equipment, household goods, dry and canned foods, beverages, etc.
Like our other facilities we cover customs regimes such as: Temporary Deposit Regime (ideal for consolidation and deconsolidation of cargo), Temporary Admission (Bonded Warehouse), storage of national or nationalized merchandise and export consolidation.

This building is authorized by the Customs of El Salvador.

4 - Dedicated Storage

Blue Logistics operates dedicated warehouses that store products owned by a single customer, whose volume, product characteristics and specific operation needs require this exclusive condition.
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