Consolidated Transportation from Blue Logistics

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Blue Logistics offers consolidated transportation services from its facilities in El Salvador to Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama.

The consolidated land transport service to Central America offers a logistic transport model with the following advantages:

  1. Cost distribution, which translates into paying less freight for bringing your product to your end customer.
  2. Optimization of space.
  3. Ideal model for the shipment of product with low cost since it supports the price of the freight paid by the client.
  4. Short delivery times.
  5. Competitive rates.


  • El Salvador ——————- Blue Logistics
  • Panamá ———————— BP Logistics
  • Costa Rica ——————– Almacén Fiscal Del Este
  • Nicaragua ——————— Almacén Fiscal Aconisa
  • Honduras ——————— San Pedro Sula, Swissport, Aeropuerto Ramón Villeda Morales / Tegucigalpa Swissport Toncontin
  • Guatemala ——————- DACOTRANS DE CENTROAMERICA S.A. (Interior Almacenadora Integrada, 01012)



  • Panamá – 3 days
  • Costa Rica – 2 days
  • Nicaragua – 1 day
  • Honduras – 1 day
  • Guatemala – 1 day
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Blue Logistics

Blue Logistics

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