Specialized storage for pharmaceutical products

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We are specialists in the handling of pharmaceutical products and comply with all industry protocols.

At Blue Logistics we provide safe, orderly and clean storage conditions. Our area for pharmaceutical products is an area specially conditioned to provide services to the pharmaceutical industry, whose products require strict standards in their handling and storage.

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That is why our facilities, personnel and procedures comply with all the international regulations and requirements that the pharmaceutical industry and you need.

*We have temperature controlled areas and recording of environmental conditions.

*Product safety and integrity.

*Established and clear procedures for all operational and administrative activities.

*State-of-the-art technology and winery monitoring control.

*Ability to execute value-added activities such as: Labeling, Ink-Jet Coding, Fractionation, Packing and Kitting.

*Constant training of personnel.

Annually we have the renewal of our permit given by the National Directorate of Medicines (DNM) in which we are registered as the #1 storage and distribution center for pharmaceutical and related products. The only ones currently in El Salvador with this permit, in addition to the management’s permit to carry out value-added operations.



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Blue Logistics

Blue Logistics

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