International Services Law of El Salvador (LSI)

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Do you know the Legal Framework of the International Services Law of El Salvador (LSI)?

According to Decree No. 431 of the Legislative Assembly of the Republic of El Salvador, Art. 1 of Chapter 1 of the International Services Act, the purpose of the Act is to regulate the establishment and operation of parks and service centers, as well as the benefits and responsibilities of the owners of companies that develop, manage or operate them.

LEGAL FRAMEWORK / International Services Law (LSI) International Logistics and Distribution Operations

  • Liberalization regime, with a 24-month period of stay.
  • As long as the goods remain within the service park they are not subject to tax.
  • Sales to the national customs territory shall be taxed accordingly.
  • The entry of the goods to a Logistic Operator will be authorized by the Customs of the park, upon presentation of the Logistic Services Contract (IndIRECT user)
    It is not necessary to establish a legal entity in El Salvador.
  • Customs procedures applicable: definitive import, definitive export, temporary importation with breathing in the same state, customs transit and re-export.
  • Operations of: Landing, Transshipment, Collection for export and storage of national and nationalized goods.
  • The Law allows to carry out integral logistics activities such as: repackaging, fractioning, shipping, labelling, labeling and other activities that do not substantially transform the nature of the goods.
  • Explosives, hazardous substances, radioactive goods, weapons and ammunition cannot enter the service park.

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